WTPA2 Sampler And Add-Ons


The Sampler Kit is the actual WTPA2 kit. There are 3 mods for it: a permanent memory board, a board which adds I/O jacks, and a pretty acrylic enclosure.  Buying all four gives you the most badass sampler, naturally.  There is also a fully-assembled-in-Brooklyn, fully-tested-by-me, and fully flossed out WTPA2 in an enclosure with all the options and the newest firmware, which you can buy if you feel like balling out of control.

NOTE: Shipping is via UPS Ground to the USA and via USPS to the rest of the world.  International shipping has two options:  USPS First Class Mail (with no tracking) or USPS Priority International which is more expensive but has tracking (and is faster).  If you buy a lot of stuff, the robot will make you ship with tracking.

Hit me up if you want to pick up in Brooklyn!  Sadly, for internet orders in NY, I have to charge sales tax; the man has to get his.